Terms, Conditions and Policies 

Job Quotes are good for 14 days. We do our best to find competitively priced goods. All prices are subject to change without notice. Circumstances beyond our control dictate pricing. 

Prices and information listed on documents are intended as a guide only. In the event of a misprint or defective product, we reserve the right to correct the product or price to reflect the actual end- product. A price quote is done and communicated for your approval. Please verify pricing and all information before making final order. 

Late orders may incur additional charges

➢  Production is typically within 2 weeks after final order quantities or final art approval.

All items are considered special order and are not returnable or exchangeable 

All orders are triple checked at the time of delivery. If you believe your order is incorrect, contact us within 24 hours of delivery. 

Proof of art, copy font, colors, etc. In final proof may not be exact due to varying technology settings and manufacturing processes. PMS matches are available 

       in almost all  scenarios. PMS matching is based on customer preference and may carry an additional charge. 

Re-orders are priced at the original pricing if made within 14 days of original invoice date. 

Payment is due upon delivery / pick-up. Preferred Terms are: Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Check and cash are accepted. 

Our competitors may not charge for art because they want to retain the rights and will not share the rights under any condition. At Custom Impressions, once 

       the invoice for the art is paid, the art becomes the property of the Client. Art provided to the Client in a format other than .pdf may result in an art labor charge. 

       See pricing for labor. 

Provided garments from the Client will incur a handling charge. Embellishing garments provided by the Client is not guaranteed to be error free. We reserve 

       the right to refuse provided garments for any reason. We will reprint / embroider work on a garment considered defective at no charge on a replacement garment that the            Client provides. 

Regarding Order Forms and Web Stores: 

Shirt Brands: the brand or style of shirt may vary based on availability. In the case of national shortages, we reserve the right to substitute comparable brands and colors to fulfill orders to make sure you get the item that is right for you and to make your order successful.

Color Variation: In the event of a substitution, different brands’ color shades may vary slightly.

Unavailable Items: We reserve the right to cancel and refund any item(s) you order that we are not available to fulfill during national shortages.

No orders will be accepted after the store close date. Orders are produced at the same time after your due date is closed

We have the right to cancel all orders and refund clients if minimums are not met. Any charges to set up the store may not be refundable.